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Senior Services

           Senior Support  
Bronwyn Gudopp is Manchester House's Senior Support Manager. She has been in this position for 10 years.
There are three parts to the Senior Services" - Bronwyn Gudopps role, Senior Centre Programmes Coordinator, and the Senior Centre Coordinator. These roles aim to provide a wrap around service to the other person.
"It is interesting looking back to see how the role has evolved over that time," said Bronwyn. "Initially I worked for 30 hours a week and now I work 26 hours. The 30 hours included all parts of what we now call "Manchester House Senior Services" and this included the role I have now which supports people in their homes, social functions and weekly van trips.

The function of Bronwyn's role is to support people to remain living independently in their home for as long as possible while retaining quality of life. "after being in  this role for the length of time that I have, I feel I could safely say that 99% of people would choose to remain living in their homes." said Bronwyn.
Get a copy of the VAN TRIP plan
The Senior Leisure and Learning Centre.
Based in Bowen Street, the Centre is all about providing a base focussed on the needs of seniors in our community.
Their mission is to create an atmosphere where people can socialise, develop newmeaningful friendships, within their community, doing activities they choose and suggest, in a friendly, comfortable and safe environment, where they can teach as well as learn from one another.
The team consists of wonderful, friendly, caring volunteers who assist with the running of activities and programmes, overseen by Debrah Bowen the Diversional Therapist and Programme Coordinator.


The Senior Centre has activities or programmes running:
Tuesday              9.30am - 3.30pm
Wednesday         9.30am - 3.30pm
Thursday            1.00pm - 3.30pm
Friday                 1.00pm - 3.30pm
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Some Activities include:
  • Coffee/Activity Mornings - They have morning tea and talk about current affairs, or other points of interest. This is a relaxed, humour-filled morning and a good time for new people to attend. After morning tea there are activities to choose from:
  • Crafts
  • Indoor Bowls
  • Rummy-O
  • Exercise Programme - This is a gentle programme of warm-ups, walking and exercises using equipment.
  • Word game/Quiz
  • Entertainment - Every Thursday they have entertainers and provide afternoon tea.
  • Indoor golf putting.
Lunch is available on a Tuesday - there is a cap on the number of people we can cater for so ringing to book is essential
A new programme to watch out for, "The Mens Shed". This programme will involve men teaching and learning handyman activities they can apply to their lives or help others in their community.
If you are interested in assisting with any of our programmes, come in or give us a call.
Or, if you would like to attend, call in or pick up a monthly timetable from the reception pamphlet stand


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