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Rural Support Services

Manawatu Rural Support service was established in January 1990 by Judy Jack to ensure the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities in the northern rural Manawatu.
This was a time when the government decided to withdraw all subsidies to the farming sectors. There was total and complete withdrawal of every funding stream to the farmers. This resulted in smaller farms being bought to make larger holdings which altered the entire employment sector of the rural community. This led to a rural depopulation and extreme hardship not only to farmers, but also to supporting industries. The vulnerability of those living in isolation was highlighted as a result of the governments actions.
Manawatu Rural Support has been operating since then, with rural support workers visiting people to empower, provide home based support services and referrals to the appropriate agencies and to make contact. Where necessary they make non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, compassionate caring support to those in need in the northern Manawtu and Pohangina Valley.
Manawatu Rural Support is managed by Manchester House Social Services and during the 2004 storm came into its own by providing support to many who were isolated by slips and flooding.
With successive governments there have been a number of changes in policies that have affected those living in the rural area. The worlds financial recession brings its own dilemmas but there has been an increasing number of younger family members opting for the country lifestyle which is increasing the number of young children back into rural life.
Communication is important to rural people, so issues such as mobile phone access and broadband internet which townspeople take for granted can make a huge difference to isolated rural communities.
Most rural folk are resilient and look after each other and Manawatu Rural Support is there to find and fill the gaps for people in need.
Manawatu Rural Support service is unique in Manawatu.

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Tima Sims of Manawatu Rural Support


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