Manchester House - Social Services Society, Feilding.
Legal Services

For many years, Feilding law firms have shown their support for Manchester House. "Collectively, the law firms and our predessors have been involved with providing free legal advice to clients who have needed advice and assistance." Said Richard Howie of Cooper Rapley.
Manchester House provides services that directly support and assist people in Feilding and the surrounding rural districts who find themselves in situations which may at first appear overwhelming and unmanageable.
Each fortnight a lawyer is available from one of the following firms, Barltrop Graham, McIntosh and Signal, Cooper Rapley, Terry Urquhart Law, John Key and Pauline Nidd to assist Manchester House clients.
"We hold Manchester House in very high regard. Sometimes people find themselves in difficult circumstances and the support services available from Manchester House can lead people away from falling over the cliff." says Mr Howie.
Often the client may have a valid claim. A solicitor will be able to determine the action necessary to help or sort out the problem. It may be a formal letter setting out the position and clarifying an issue.
The budgetting services and assistance to work through financial problems is available at Manchester House. A client may be able to reach manageable targets to repay debt. Creditors can see a system is in place. Showing creditors a workable plan may result in the creditor backing off and allowing someone to solve the problem in a fair manner.
"Unlike other groups, Manchester House is here to support our community in times of hardship and often their hard work is not publicised," said Mr Howie, "They are the unseen heroes in our community. The team at Manchester House tirelessly work to provide support to families."
"Being able to assist Manchester House clients with our skills and knowledge is willingly done. We believe that the work they do improves and assists the lives of others in our community."
Got a legal problem?
Contact Manchester House
323 7191
to arrange assistance.
68 Aorangi Street, Feilding

Legal Team


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