Manchester House - Social Services Society, Feilding.
           How YOU can help

In March 2013 the Feilding Herald published a magazine celebrating Manchester Houses 40 years setrving the community.
On the pages of this magazine are advertisements from the many businesses that, in some way, support the operations of Manchester House. Please support your local businesses so they can continue to support Manchester House.

If you would like to make a more tangible contribution there are many opportunities.
  • Donate goods to the Op-Shop.
  • Donate time as a helper. The Senior Centre, The ASAP programmes, and others.
  • Monetary donations are always welcome. At this point a cheque made out to Manchester House or Internet banking (phone 3237191 for bank account details). We would like to provide credit/debit card processing but the setup costs are too high. If you know of a way around this please let us know.
  • Do you have an expertise that could be useful? Our team of Budget advisors grew from people asking how they could help.
Feilding Herald
Feilding Herald Magazine about Manchester House


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