Welcome to the Manchester House Social Services

Manchester House Social Services Inc is an amazingly diverse organisation that exists to meet community need within Feilding and the Manawatu District. Over many years Manchester House has asked what is needed at this point in our communities, and responded appropriately.

Much of the work of Manchester House goes unnoticed or 'inder-the-radar' as we simply get on with the task at hand. What we know is that our communities are better for the work and dedication of staff and volunteers.

We work with people from children through to the elderly. We help them with counselling, budgetting and social work. We advocate and advise. We have van trips for those unable to get out and about by themselves. We have Before and After School programmes (ASAP) and provide Strategies with Kids, Information for Parents (SKIP) programme in our area. The services are diverse, so if you have a need, we probably have assistance.

Our Opportunity Shop has been providing for our community and everything earned by it stays within our community providing the much needed support and facilities. 

 All this is possible because of a dream 40 years ago, that the Churches could respond to social needs within our communities. Over many years volunteers and staff have made this happen. It is the dedication of many that we celebrate as we acknowledge a milestone. It is the volunteers who give selflessly and the staff who provide expertise.

As we celebrate this milestone we thank these people most of all, and the Feilding and Manawatu District for its support of such a vital organisation.

The venerable David A. van Oeveren
Manchester House Social Services
March 2013

the team

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  •  Advocacy
  • Alcohol and Drug youth worker
  • After School Activity Programme (ASAP)
  • Budget Advice
  • Counselling
  • Home Management, parenting, Developmental and preventative programmes for Children and Young People
  • Senior persons Support Programme
  • Ezee Meals
  • Family Support Worker
  • Food Bank
  • Information and Social Services Help Desk
  • Legal Advice
  • Mediation
  • Opportunity Shop
  • Seniors Centre
  • SKIP (strategies for Kids Information for Parents
  • Taxi Mobility Vouchers
  • Van trips fo rthe Elderly
  • Grandparents as parents support group.

Phone: 323 7191


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